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LordN: Электронные Книги по Электронике, Математике, Теплотехнике и т.п.




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ウォッチマン・ニーの日々の祈りの言葉、『The Lord my Portion』. 私は、自分の罪を、あなたに知らせ、私の咎を隠しませんでした[詩篇32:5]. 罪を犯して、悲しみを覚える人はどのくらいいるでしょう?悲しみを感じない人がいたら、その人たちは罪の告白という点で失敗しています。しかし、もしクリスチャンが、その罪を告白して、神と人の前に明らかにしたなら、その人は目の前に敷かれた道を迷うことなく進んで行けるでしょう。彼は他のクリスチャンより早く歩むはずです。多くの信者が罪に対してあまりに鈍感なのは、悲しいことです。人々が罪を犯した後で、ぐっすり眠っていたり、よく食べているのを見て驚くことがあります。われらの神は罪を憎んでいます。私が罪を憎むのは体面を守ったり、その結果を怖れるからではなく、神のためです。罪に対する感覚を研ぎ澄ますために...まことに、まことに、あなたがたに告げます。一粒の麦がもし地に落ちて死ななければ、それは一つのままです。しかし、もし死ねば、豊かな実を結びます[ヨハネ12:24]. ここに主イエス様は実を結ぶための原理を示されます。一粒の麦が蒔かれたなら&#122...


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LordN: Электронные Книги по Электронике, Математике, Теплотехнике и т.п.

Сайт создан 14/12/2004 выложил здесь кое-какие книжки, что есть в разных местах необъятной сети, помаленьку добавляю. Большая просьба ко всем заметившим какие-нить косяки на страницах - не полениться и сообщить в мыло. Такая же просьба в отношении замеченных Вами в сети интересных книг по близкой тематике, не полениться и кинуть ссылочку на неё. Связаться со мной, помощь проекту. Плагины и программка для просмотра DjVu. Ическая техника, литература, информация, софт.


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Таро Властелина Колец

Таро Властелина Колец. Старшие Арканы.

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Skills in Wizardry 8 by Classes

Skills in Wizardry 8 by Classes

Wizardry 8 save file editor alph version forever

Wiz8Edit.rar172 kb, requires JVM from SUN 1.2.0 or higher

Skills in Wizardry 8 by Classes


  • Str = Strength
  • Int = Intilligence
  • Pie = Piety
  • Vit = Vitality
  • Dex = Dexterity
  • Spd = Speed
  • Sen = Senses
  • Fig = Fighter
  • Lrd = Lord
  • ...
  • 1 Primary Statistic for given skill.
  • 2 Secondary Statistic for given skill.
  • + The Only Statistic for given skill (or I don't recall what is primary ;)).
  • + = Class may progress in given Skill. Starting value = 0.
  • * = Professional Skill. Class may progress in given skill. Starting value is set (to >4) according prerequisites during generation and is set to 5 (if less then 5 still) when changing into given class.
  • B = Skill Bonus. Same as *, but has +25% bonus on the top of current value.
  • # = Class may progress in this skill starting from 5th level (Schools of Magics)
  • Empty Cell = Class can not progress in given skill. "Skill is closed".
Skills Dependancies Classes Allowed
Common Skills
Close Combat21BB*+***++++++++
Ranged Combat21*++B++++*++++++
Dual Weapons12+B++*++*++
Critical Strike++*B*
Combat SkillsStrIntPieVitDexSpdSenFigLrdValRanSamNinMnkRogGadBrdPriAlcBisPsiMag
Staff & Wand++++++++*+++*++++
Throwing & Sling+++++++*+++++*+++
Mace & Flail++++++++*+
Modern Weapons21+++++B
Martial Arts++*B
Misc. SkillsStrIntPieVitDexSpdSenFigLrdValRanSamNinMnkRogGadBrdPriAlcBisPsiMag
Pick Pocket+++*+
Locks & Traps+++**+
Magic SkillsStrIntPieVitDexSpdSenFigLrdValRanSamNinMnkRogGadBrdPriAlcBisPsiMag

Minimal Stats Required for Classes

To become eligible to learn new higher level spells for your class, you have to meet 2 requirements: 1) minimum level in *THAT* class (not overall), and 2) minimum skill, for *THAT* spell's spellbook & realm. 

1) Minimum Level requirement: 

Pure Caster Classes: Mage, Priest, Psionic, Alchemist, Bishop 
Hybrid Caster Classes: Monk, Ninja, Ranger, Samurai, Lord, Valkyrie 

Spell Level .... Min. Class Level 
................. PURE .. HYBRID 
1 ................ 1 ....... 5 
2 ................ 3 ....... 7 
3 ................ 5 ....... 9 
4 ................ 8 ...... 12 
5 ............... 11 ...... 15 
6 ............... 14 ...... 18 
7 ............... 18 ...... 22 

2) Minimum Skill Requirement 

To calculate your effective skill level for a given spell: 
* Take your highest spellbook skill (Wizardry, Divinity, Psionics, Alchemy) that the spell in question appears in. Important for bishops or class-changed characters, since many spells appear in multiple books. 
* Add 10% of your *natural* skill in that spell's realm. This doesn't include temporary skill bonuses such as those from iems. 

Spell Level ..... Min. Effective Skill Level 
1 .................. 0 
2 .................. 15 
3 .................. 30 
4 .................. 45 
5 .................. 60 
6 .................. 75 
7 .................. 90 

It's not as complicated as it sounds. Example: A mage, a pure caster, must be level 5 AND have an effective skill of 30 to learn Fireball, a third level Fire realm Mage spell. If he has 30+ skill in Wizardry, he's all set. He could also qualify if he has, say 28 in Wizardry and 20+ in Fire skill (10% rule). 

Hints & Tips

Complete list of all Spells with codes (in English)
Complete list of Spells in each spellbook (in Russian, 248kb)
Description of Statistics and its influence on the game (in English)
Complete list of all Items with codes (in English)
List of Items merged by gadgeter
List of NPC, who can join your party
Largest Wizardry 8 FAQ
Another Wiz 8 Site
  1. On character generation you get 60 points to distribute. Part of them is distributed automatially in order to satisfy class stats requirements.
  2. Each race has different basic statistics. But summ of all values isn't equal. If Human being has 45*7 = 315 points,
    • Elves have 305 (-10)
    • Dwarves have 300 (-15)
    • Hobbits - 310 (-5)
    • Gnomes - 305 (-10)
    • Faeries - 300 (-15)
    • Lizards - 310 (-5)
    • Dracons - 300 (-15)
    • Felpurrs - 305 (-10)
    • Rawulf - 310 (-5)
    • Mook - 300 (-15)
  3. Samuraj has most expensive starting weapon. You will not find Katana till nearest town. Katana&Wakidzashi may be used by Ninja and Samuraj only.
  4. When swapping class to Gadgeter you automatically get Omnigun for free.
  5. When any statistic reachs value of 100, appropriate expert skill becomes available.
    • Strength : Power Strike (?)
    • Intellect : Power Cast
    • Piety : Iron Will
    • Vitality : Iron Skin
    • Dexterity : Reflection
    • Speed : Snake Speed
    • Senses : Eagle Eye
  6. All Classes except Fighter, Bard and Gadgeter may casts spells. Lord, Valkyrie, Ranger, Samuraj, Ninja and Monk may learn spells from appropriate school starting from 5th(?) level.
    • Lord - Priest
    • Valkyrie - Priest
    • Ranger - Alchemist
    • Samuraj - Mage
    • Ninja - Alchemist (?)
    • Monk - Psionic (?)
  7. During the game you may find different NPC - placed in the order of availability(unconfirmed info from early beta version)
    • Rogue-Higardi
    • Valkirie-Higardi (Vi-Domina !)
    • Ranger-Trynnie
    • Bard-Umpani
    • Gadgeter-???
    • Monk-Android (10 lvl)
    • Samuraj-T'Rang (6 lvl)
    • Psionic-Mook
    • Mage-Rapax
  8. Among magic user Priest has highest HP, then Alchemist, then Bishop, and Mage and Psionic have lowest HP.
  9. Bishop may develop no more than 3 magic schools. Put all 9 Skill Points in them then leveling up.
  10. Three mistakes on party creation :
    • To not have Priest or Mage school developed.
      Explanation: You do really need protective spells.
      Priest's are Magic Screen, Soul Shield, Armorplate. (+Bless)
      Mage's are Enchanted Sword, Missile Shield, Element Shield
      So it is suggested to take any combination of Magic users with these 2 disciplines.
      Priest + Bishop looks fine.
    • To not have Bard.
      Explanation: Bard has more HP, Bard need to develop only one skill, Bard can steal and lockpick - no need in Rogue or Ninja, Bard do not use Mana, Stamina - regenerates very quickly without rest.
      Full list of Music instruments with spells according to demo. (with hex codes)
      320 Pipes of Doom, Terror, 1 
      321 Chromatic Lyre, Itching Skin 
      322 Silent Lyre, Silence 
      324 Poet's Lute, Sleep 
      325 Lute of Sloth , Slow 
      326 Angel's Tongue, Bless 
      327 Siren's Wail, Insanity 
      330 Cornu of Demonspawn, Banish 
      373 Mandolin of the Magus, Magic Screen, 5 
      376 Dulcimer of Mending, Heal All, 11 
      377 Renaissance Lute, Restoration, 18 
      380 Jericho Horn, Armormelt, 8 
      383 Frigid Fiddle, Freeze Flesh, 5 
      387 Arresting Aria, Freeze All, 11 
      398 Banshee's Howl, Hex, 11 
      399 Chaos Drone, Pandemonium, 14 
    • To not have at least 2 tank like characters.
    • To not have females. Only females may wear amulets of Stamina regeneration 🙁
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